Four people suffering from kidney diseases died in the Gaza

Please read this and let me know if any of you has an idea to help

Ha’aretz, reported on May 9 that “At least four people suffering
from kidney diseases died in the Gaza Strip in April,
after the cash-strapped Palestinian Authority Health
Ministry cut the Shifa Hospital’s budget for the necessary
dialysis treatments.” The Palestinian Authority is near to
collapse due to a decision by the European Union, the
largest donor to Palestinians under occupation, to cutoff
vital aid. At the same time, the United States has moved
aggressively to threaten anyone who tries to render
assistance to suffering Palestinians, scaring banks from
allowing cash transfers to the Palestinian Authority.

Mohammad Wathaifi

This is a terrible situation. I would suggest checking with international companies that make machines and supplies that have their offices in other countries, like Fresenius (Germany) and Gambro (Sweden). Are any of the nongovernmental organizations working to raise money to help provide supplies for the hospital?

It looks like there could be a 3-month break in the stalemate that could allow aid to come through the World Bank. However, it also appears that this will only be temporary unless Hamas accepts the deal that the U.S., U.N., E.U. and Russia worked out. This would require Hamas to recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept existing peace agreements. I don’t have high hopes that this will happen and hate to see dialysis patients used as pawns, but at least they may soon be able to get supplies in that will last until the next crisis.

Update – Read this story to hear about how the U.S. is helping people in the West Bank and Gaza.

Thank you Beth,

I was so glad to see I had a reply to my message, as a matter of fact this is the 1st time I ever post message on a message board… thank you

I wish if I could be grateful to the untied states government for the little its offering, the news about the patients who are dying in gaza is spreading very quickly, and with the world knowing about the unjust bias of the US government towards the Israeli occupation who is causing this, I don’t think there’s anything less than this that they could do.

It’s the US government that lead the campaign to enforce the embargo on Iraq prior to the war, which has lead to the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi children, children who didn’t even realize that they are Iraqis, When Madeleine Albright, then the American secretary of state, was asked in an interview on 60 Minutes whether she had considered the resulting death of 500,000 Iraqi children (of malnutrition and disease), she said, ‘We think the price is worth it.’"!!! but I think no one remembers that now, just like no one would remember the 200,000 thousand Iraqis that died after the US “ liberation” of Iraq.

Thank you for referring the names of the companies, I contacted them, will wait and see what would their reply be, the problem is not with finding people who are willing to help, the Palestinian government was able to collect someone last month, Israel, the united states and EU, threatened the banks around the world from touching the money, they cant get it in now, thy might be able to get something n through some channels, but it cant be nough.

Beth… why do you want Hamas to recognize Israel? Why doesn’t anyone ask Israel to recognize the Palestinian rights to regain their occupied land? How do the world know that its only Hamas that’s causing the violence? Innocent Palestinians and innocent Israelis die every day and no one knows what’s the truth. Do you know how many innocent children the Israeli army has killed? Isn’t it possible that what Hamas does is striking back?
The western bank is an occupied land, this is what the UN resolutions say, do you know what the peace treaty offered the Palestinians? Less that 20% of their land! Why do the world want the Palestinians to give away 80% of their land?

What if they if the Palestinians don’t want to? Do those little children who don’t even know that they are Palestinians have to die?

I did not say that I wanted Hamas to recognize Israel. I said that that’s what the EU, Russia, and the U.S. have demanded. I feel sorry for the innocent people – on dialysis and healthy – who are caught in the middle while their governments act like stubborn children. In my opinion, neither side is 100% right…or 100% wrong.

The message boards are not for political discussions, but for support and encouragement of home dialysis. The message I posted was to let people know about the progress that was being made to get help to the innocent people in Gaza and the West Bank who needed dialysis supplies. I sincerely hope they get the help they need indefinitely.