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Hi y’all,

Join us on Wednesday, May 28 for our first FREE WEBINAR about home dialysis!* See Dr. John Agar, LIVE from Geelong, Victoria, Australia and learn about How Dialysis Works: Fluid and Wastes (Part 1). The session will be held at:
6:00pm US Pacific time
7:00pm US Mountain time
8:00pm US Central time
9:00pm US Eastern time
11:00am (THURSDAY) Australia (Geelong) time

This is a web-based session; you don’t need a telephone to take part. To sign up, visit:

1. If you are new to the WiZiQ site, click “Not a member? Register.” Fill in your name, email address, and choose a password, and click “Join Now.” When the session time rolls around, click “LAUNCH” and you’re in!

2. If you have signed up for WiZiQ, Log in. When the session time rolls around, click “LAUNCH” and you’re in!

This article is background for the session: Fluid and solute removal: How and why—part one.

*To sign up for a PRIZE drawing and get an email reminder before the session, please send an email with “WEBINAR” in the subject heading to: Win a pair of headphones donated by Genesis Worldwide Enterprises! Or, nutrition supplements from VitalRemedyMD, Anasept antiseptic from Smith Biomedical, Topicaine ointment, from ESBA labs, or a Duo-Care blood glucose & PB monitor from GenExel-Sein Co. All prizes were donated by companies with listings in our Helpful Products Catalog:

Arghh!! I’ve been on the road almost constantly this month, and finally found time last night to post a message about our next FREE webinar on Thursday, April 23 at:
2:00 pm US Pacific
3:00 pm US Mountain
4:00 pm US Central
5:00 pm US Eastern
2:30 am (Friday) Hyderabad, India
8:00 am (Friday) Geelong, Australia

Unfortunately, the server went down and lost the whole thing! :frowning: So, here I am again.

Wow!! I’ve had a chance to review Stuart Mott’s slides. Stuart is a nurse who is passionate about Cushion Cannulation and Touch Cannulation, both techniques that can help make it easier to do a good job putting in dialysis needles. (Touch Cannulation is used for the Buttonhole technique). His slides are fantastic, and I can tell this is going to be another terrific, informative session. You’ll learn tons! And fortunately, we still have seats left. Interested? Sign up today by filling out the registration form at this link:

Bill P. in his blog ( handily found this link to an article about Touch Cannulation that you might want to read before the session:

Oh, yes, we have webinar door prizes, too! These are all from companies that have listings in our Helpful Products Catalog
– Topicaine ointment from ESBA Laboratories…&products_id=6
– Fish oil from VItalRemedy.MD
– A Duo-Care combined BP and blood sugar monitor by ForeCare Inc.
– A Hemastrap by Hema Assist (holds HD tubing in place)
– Quality headphones by Genesis Worldwide Enterprizes

Hope to see y’all there!

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The Medical Education Institute, Inc.