Fresenius alarms

I have a patient on Fresenius Homsafe machine doing APD . His inflows are fine and outflow alarms 36 times a night . The alarm either says low flow state or check catheter . The catheter is in the proper position , but has not been sutured to the bladder … surprisingly when we try manual PD both inflow and outflow are amazingly great … the patient refuses manual PD .
Why is the Fresenius alarming so frequently
Why does it state Outflow problem , the catheter is in position and also no constipation or fibrin clots .
Is it time to try a Baxter machine as am having same problems with 3 Fresenius machines on the same patient here in abudhabi … is it a problem with its software ?

Hello, Hormaz. I’m sorry this has taken so long. Do I correctly understand from your question that you and your patient are in Abu Dhabi? I have someone from Fresenius who can answer, once we know that for sure.