Fresenius home dialysis

I have been told that FMC in our area does not have home dialysis, therefore, how might we go about getting a FMC machine, if we decide this s the route. The neph said he would have us go to Gambro which is the only one in our area who does home dialysis. We would also like to consider, possibly, the new axysis. We will learn more that the RSN conference in September.

Dialysis consumers are not permitted to have their choice of a machine. You must go through a company that offers home hemo and whatever machine they offer, is the machine you must take. You can select the home you live in, the car you drive etc., but you can not choose the machine you dialyze on, eventhough all machines are not equally good. The only way you can get the machine of your choice is if you are willing to relocate.

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If you’re talking about home PD machines (cyclers), some dialysis clinics have and train patients on only one cycler. Other clinics work with both Fresenius and Baxter, the two major suppliers of home cyclers. Patients may have more choice in cycler than you think. However, before jumping to conclusions about which cycler you think you want, talk with the nurse and at least one patient.

If you’ve checked out cyclers and your clinic doesn’t offer you the one you’d like, contact the company that makes the cycler. Ask where their cycler is offered near you. Talk with your insurance company and ask where it will pay for dialysis (this is very important). If your insurance will pay at any of those clinics, call and make an appointment to visit with the PD nurse about their training, cycler, and suport. Ask to talk with at least one cycler patient. This should help you make a fully informed decision.

Thanks, Beth, but was talking about choice of hemo machine in home hemo/nocturnal, not PD. Would like to move this thread to HD board but haven’t had time (can you assist). Nevertheless, choice of the machine refers to PD machine too so thanks for this suggestion.

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