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Ugh! Has anybody had trouble with Fresenius Medical Care? We are new to this and dealing with them but so far I am NOT impressed! They say they will deliver on a cetain day then they don’t and then they loose orders!! Lord help us! :evil:

Are you sure that the order was placed when you thought it was? Is your man’s nurse/doctor aware of the order and delivery problems? What have they done to correct the problem? Have you called the company to ask them about the order and delivery problems to see how these can be avoided in the future?

Sometimes there are problems that occur that delay delivery, such as weather or breakdowns. However, in my experience working with people on PD, they had the same delivery driver. Because of this, the patient can depend on the driver delivering when expected, bringing the supplies in the house, and rotating the boxes so the oldest boxes of solution are the ones that will be used first. I hope this was just a fluke.

Yes, the order was placed. I took much time going through his supplies over the phone with the one woman at the company. A couple days later they found the order. Our man is almost out of his 4.25’s! I was so upset with them telling them the business they are in is too important to be making these kind of mistakes!! Supposedly they are bringing what he needs today. The nurse is on vacation, I did talk to the nurse taking over. I guess the company called her and told her they were having problems with me!! Unreal, they loose an order for 2 days…do not show up, our man is almost out of his 4.25’s and they complain about me??? I have little tolerance for this kind of stuff and make it known, if they do not like it they best tighten their ship!
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I can only imagine how scary it must feel to be responsible for someone else’s healthcare and not have supplies that you need show up when you expect them. I don’t know if people working in dialysis or in supply companies understand just how frustrating things like late supply delivery can be.

Does your inventory allow any leeway for using more of one solution than another? When you talked with Fresenius was there any question about the number of 4.25% bags you were supposed to receive? I remember your nurse told you to use more of that solution and if it’s not on your prescription, Fresenius may have had to try to call the nurse for authorization and that could have been how the order got set aside. I’m not making excuses for anyone; just stating how something like this might have happened. If you don’t get the solution soon, can you get extra 4.25% solution from the dialysis clinic to carry you over until it does come? You could always replace the solution you take with solution you get later.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get the solution he needs today and that from now on things run smoothly.

I am on the phone with the company now, they did not show up today like they said. Yes we need more 4.25 than delivered originally…they are calling the ware house to find out what went wrong today!
Oui Vey!
I doubt we can get supplies from the hospital til Monday. It is late Fri. now. I do not know if they make runs up here on weekends. I can call. This just should not be. The hospital is 50 miles one way!

The supplies are here now.
Thank goodness.

Great! It sounds like Fresenius recognized how urgent the need was and followed through on meeting it.

On a slightly different but related topic, when I worked in dialysis, people said too much 4.25% solution could damage someone’s peritoneal membrane. The nurse I worked with encouraged patients to use more 1.5% and 2.5% solution and to use 4.25% only when it was absolutely necessary.

How much salt does he get in the foods that he eats? Limiting his intake of salt (often in cured, processed, and prepared foods) can really help limit thirst. If he’s diabetic, controlling blood sugar can too. A number of medicines cause dry mouth. Ask his doctor or nurse to see what medicines he takes can cause dry mouth and ask if there are other medicines for the same condition that might cause less of a problem.

Meanwhile, does he get his own drinks or does someone get them for him? If someone has to give him things to drink, what happens when you tell him no? You might try some of the tips for fluid control that patients have offered on Life Options’ website ( Also, there are at least a couple of products that are supposed to help with dry mouth – a sports gum called Quench and a product called Biotene (

He does not get any extra soduim in his diet. He is on a low sodium diet. He does have a cup in his room to get water.He does not drink excessivly. He only drinks water. The Dr. said because he is so small 85 lbs. and only uses 5 liters per night to alternate the 4.25’s with the 2.25’s. I asked her about the scarring and she said in some patients it is possible years down the road but she was not concerned at this point. He is on lots of meds. Most are for his mental state, I do not think there are many alternatives there. He is prone to violent outburts. He is NOT a diabetic. If we are out someplace I often get him a cup of ice vs. water.

It sounds like you’re doing a great job with the sodium. Would he be upset if he didn’t have a cup in his room at night to drink water? After all, probably most of the time he should be sleeping. It’s hard to know how much water he gets and he probably doesn’t keep track of it either. I assume that the dietitian told you that anything that is liquid at room temperature counts as fluid. I don’t know how much fluid he’s supposed to have because so small but most of the patients I worked with had a 4-6 cup fluid limit a day. He might be drinking half that or more at night alone. Just a thought…

Try Baxter Healthcare.

This s problem was resolved months ago, about 24 hours after the patent’s caregiver expressed concern about the late delivery.

By the way, the doctor must write a prescription to order supplies. Typically clinics have a contract with either Fresenius or Baxter, typically not both. The supplier ships the supplies to the patient and bills the clinic for them. The clinic can’t turn around and bill Medicare for those charges. Instead, the clinic must bill Medicare for dialysis charges each day the patient does dialysis. This is why clinics want treatment log sheets to document treatments.

One of your staff command our facility staff like he was the boss. Can you train them how to respect? Very dependent and lazy.

The Medical Education Institute staff who administer this message board are not employed by any dialysis manufacturer. If you’re referring to Fresenius or Baxter treating your facility staff disrespectfully, I’d suggest the staff member who felt he/she was treated that way should contact the company and report it.