Fresenius Sleep Safe Cycler PD for Sale

Machine works perfectly, my deceased father bought it for his holiday home in Ireland, because Fresenius wanted to be informed six weeks in advance to deliver a machine for holiday purposes which was not acceptable for him because he wanted to go whenever he said “Now I want to go there for a few weeks”

Machine is located in Germany

Worldwide shipping is no problem, price is €3500 (approx US$ 3950)

Is that a peritoneal dialysis cycler? In the U.S., dialysis equipment is leased by clinics and provided to patients. In Europe, perhaps someone else will be interested.

Yes it is, you don’t have to buy your machine here as well but as I said, my father didn’t want to reserve a “holiday machine” six weeks in advance, maybe someone else around the world is in a similar situation and wants to have one for an overseas house he has and can’t transport the machine provided everytime or whatever, I believe my father wasn’t the only person on earth who had a reason to own his own machine :slight_smile:

I noticed that the label on the machine says it’s the Sleep Safe PD machine. This machine was introduced in 2014 in Germany, Spain, Great Britain and France. I believe it may now be used in other EU countries. However, the picture on the Fresenius site looks different from the one you posted so the machine may have been upgraded.

I do not believe the FDA has approved this machine for use in the U.S. The only PD machine that Fresenius supplies to patients treated at U.S. dialysis clinics is the Liberty cycler.

There are patients from outside the U.S. who visit this Forum. Before purchasing a cycler, I’d suggest that they contact Fresenius to ask how to order/obtain the disposable supplies for this machine to perform PD at home. There is a contact form on the link I provided above.

There is a difference, on one hand there is this type of machine, the sleepsafe and on the other hand there is the sleepsafe harmony, those are two different machines, the sleepsafe harmony version is the current version, the sleepsafe was the one before that, they are very similar but there is a difference, that is correct.