Fresenius vs. NxStage

Cathy S back in May of this year you posted that you were training on the NxStage and would be switching from the Fresenius machine to the NxStage. I was wondering if you would mind sharing your experience thus far. How are you labs compared to when you were using the fresenius? Any major differences that you could share with us, either for or against?

I am seriously trying to get on with the NxStage but at this time there is not a training center close enough that is would be feasible for me, although NxStage is trying to get something in my area. I am scheduled to start training with Fresenius when a machine becomes available but I really want to weigh all of my options.

It seems the more I read the more questions I have. I have just spent a good amount of time reading over postings by Nephrology nurse who wasn’t very pro NxStage.

I am more confused now than ever before. How do you ever figure out what is going to be best for you and your treatments?

To everyone else, I am sorry I asked this question. I know this subject has been discussed in detail but the more I read the more confused I become. I am starting to feel really stressed out over all of this.

What is best is to just get on with it and get on daily hemo, irregardless of what machine you have to use. The advantages of daily hemo are so great that the little advantages/disadvantages of various dialysis machines pale into insignificance.

What are you going to do, switch every time some new model of dialysis machine comes out? Dialysis is dialysis. Despite the marketing claims, the artificial kidney is the dialyzer, not the dialysis machine it’s mounted on.

Don’t agonize over machine choices. Just get yourself on daily hemo.


I agree with everyone else. Don’t get stressed out over the machine for home hemo. If the only one available for you is the Fresenius, that is your choice for now. If an when the NxStage becomes available, then is the time to compare machines, treatments and your lifestyle and make a switch if you want too.

Obviously all the machines work for good dialysis as we are all here and encouraging others to move forward into home hemo. I suspect one of the biggest reasons for selecting any machine is the persons personal situation
and no 2 are ever going to be alike so the answer your seeking in this regard will never come from any other source than yourself.

If I had the choice of Fresenius or no home hemo there is absolutely no question that I would go back on the Fresenius.

With regard to specific questions, my numbers are great on the NxStage and I get very good dialysis. My pre BUN is usually around 40 post under 20. My KT/V is over 2. So, I don’t think there is any difference between the two in the quality of dialysis you get.

The reason I changed was for a bit more freedom to travel. I have never had an in center treatment.

Go for home, regardless of the machine. Don’t fret it so much. If you have a choice then decide which works best for you, if you don’t home is worth it, take the machine they offer.

home hemo 9/04

Pierre wrote:

What are you going to do, switch every time some new model of dialysis machine comes out? Dialysis is dialysis. Despite the marketing claims, the artificial kidney is the dialyzer, not the dialysis machine it’s mounted on.

Pierre, you are correct, it isn’t the machine but the dialyzer. I just need to cool my jets and relax. I guess I have been my own worst enemy in all of this. I have read so much on the different machines and I was focusing to much on trying to get a certain machine when infact the main thing I am interested in is getting home regardless of what machine I use. Thanks for bringing me back to reality :slight_smile:

Gus wrote:

Ask the training center, whether you can switch to NxStage once available…but hey, you have the opportunity to go home! You’ll do fine on a Fresenius

Gus, thank you for all of the wonderful information on the NxStage. It has been very helpful but for now I am just going to concentrate on getting home on the Fresenius. I have the room for it, I use it now for dialysis, and I will have support close by. Plus, I don’t travel very often if any so that won’t present a problem for me either.

On a side not I mentioned at Dialysis this morning the NxStage which no Tech or nurse was aware of, then we discussed the buttonhole method which no one was aware of, and we discussed this website which no one was aware of. I am printing out information for the Tech and Nurse that I was talking to this morning and have given them the website address to visit here. One thing we discussed and an interesting part was how we all felt that the South seems to be behind what other centers are doing up North. At least with the internet we can have some insight into what is taking place in other centers and what we need to work towards.