FRKPA meeting Sept. 30th

Just thought I would let people know there is a Front Range Kidney Patients Association Meeting this Sept. 30th at Porter Hospital in Denver: (click on “regular meeting”). The speaker is going to talk about plant protein.

The meeting is coming up this Sunday at Porter hospital in Denver!

It was a great meeting and we had a good turnout! The Fresenius dietician gave an excellent talk on the benefits of plant protein. It was big change from what I remember of my daughter’s experience back in 2000; I remember her being told to eat meat, meat, and more meat!

I knew enough to be dangerous going into the meeting, but one of the big things I learned was about phytates. I recall her saying they have the advantage of binding with phosphorus in plant protein and making the phosphorus unusable - a big plus for those on dialysis! I asked about the lack of B vitamins in plant protein and she confirmed this could be taken care of with a renal vitamin - believe the same goes for iron? Someone asked about the problem with beans containing potassium. She answered that the amount of potassium varies by the type of bean, but if you wind up eating beans with high potassium just have them in moderation. She also stated to look for plant protein with a high ratio of protein to potassium. Also I recall from back when combining different plant proteins makes a whole protein.

She also recommended this book: The Vegetarian Diet for Kidney Disease: Preserving Kidney Function With Plant-based Eating [Paperback]
Joan Brookhyser Hogan (Author)