Gambro AK95 problem


Issues with the machine going out of dialysis.
Hi all. Been having a problem on dx for the last 4 sessions or so. Between 30 to 15 mins before the end of the session the machine goes out of dialysis and comes up with 2 messages. Machine is a Gambro AK95

“Incorrect Bicarb concentrate, check concentrate”
“Incorrect Hdx fluid composition.”

Well I know what they mean, it’s not picking up properly, changing the tank doesn’t seem to help, nor does making sure the bicart is on properly 2 basic things to test in this situation.

Techs have been out to recalibrate it but I’ll be on the phone again to them tomorrow. I can’t keep loosing dialysis all the time.

Has anyone come across this problem?? If it did it for a minute or 2 once in a while it wouldn’t bother me. But all the time…

The Gambro AK96 replaced the Gambro AK95 in 2009. With the problems you’re having is there any possibility you could get the newer machine?

Have you tried calling Gambro? A technician and/or clinical nurse at the company may have heard of this issue and be able to answer your question. The Gambro global site is at the link below and that site provides information to contact the company in different countries.

Try changing ultra pure filter on the Ak-95. My wife is home Hemo patient and we had several problems like this, and had about every component changed on the unit. We finally found particals of Bi Cart in the ultra filter. Hope this helps.