Gambro / Fresenius


I am looking for home hemodialysis machine to buy one for one of my uncles. I have explored Gambro and NxStage System one.
Both these companies provide home hemodialysis machines. NxStage at the moment do not distribute in my country (India).

I also came to know about fresenius. But I could not know from their website if they provide home hemodialysis machine. I have contacted them and waiting for a reply. In the meantime, would anyone in the forum know if fresenius have a product for home hemodialysis ? If yes, and anyone has used it could you kindly share your experience.

Also if anyone has used Gambro’s AK96 machine (for home dialysis), could you share your experience please.

Thanks for any information.


Hi Manju,

NxStage is not yet selling any machines in India. Dialysis machines require a local system of support for supplies and maintenance–it is not enough to just buy a machine and fly it somewhere. The electrical outlets are not the same, for example. NxStage machines are shipped back and forth for maintenance, and the time lag would be too great in a country they are not yet in.

Fresenius does have a home dialysis machine: the 2008K at Home ( This machine may or may not be available in India. There IS some dialysis in India; more each day. You might try contacting Kamal Shah, who is himself on nocturnal home hemodialysis in India, has opened up at least one dialysis clinic there for others, and has a good sense of what is going on “on the ground” there. Kamal has a blog through which you can contact him:

Another option for you may be Gia Medical, a company that sells and supports dialysis machines around the world: