Getting on to Home Haemo - How Long?

Just thought I’d start a new topic on my question from another post:

A few questions for anyone on home haemo?
How long did it take for the home dialyis to be sorted out, eg from the process being started, plumbing/alterations & actually being able to dialyse at home. (I know the NXStage dooesn’t apply to the UK yet, but still asking.)
Do you have a dedicated room for it?
What machine do you use?
I’d also like to make further contact with those on home heamo, so feel free to PM me if you want.


About 3 months discussion and sorting out for the plumbing and power outlet in our bedroom. Also gutted wardrobe for RO and machine when not in use to be housed. Carbon and micron filters are housed downstairs under house.
Started dialysis and home training on Day 1, 6 1/2 weeks later home “trying” Nocturnal . Nurse came next day to see that I could manage procedures. Then left us with 24hr hotline number.
Carpet ripped up in bedroom 2 weeks later as had trouble pulling Freni around with plastic mats on top of carpet to prevent spillage. Timber laminate flooring put down and now she slides around effortlessly. bedroom goes back to being as before as soon as treatment finished. That is the only way we felt we could handle doing Nocturnal and retaining some semblance of normality.
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Basicly, I had an extra room…just took out the bed and furniture, repainted the room and added an end table, wall cabinet, and the recliner…no plumbing work needed, but I still added a sink in the room…preparing the room only took 1 day…with additional additions later on after one year dialyzing at home…

First asked in November if I could switch to home. Saw home hemo intake nurse sometime in December. Started training at the home dialysis unit at the end of February, and I dialyzed at home for the first time 6 weeks later. Plumbing and electrical work were done while I was training (they gave me an off-dialysis day so I could be home) and the machine I trained on was moved to my place in time for the next treatment once my training was over.


I was asked at the very start of Home Training if I was up for nocturnal…& said yes. Very first session (it failed - fistula blew) was on 26/07/05. I was very sick when I started, so training didn’t finish/Fresenius didn’t get installed until Nov. So, first session @ home was 17/11/05. I then had to wait to be told when I would go nocturnal. Did March 01/02 overnight @ unit to start nocturnal.
The ‘allowance’ is for 12 week training & during this time they ensure plumbing done etc… But they don’t insist on 12 weeks - shorter or longer depends on you. THey like you to then do a few months daytime H.D. to get used to/comfortable with it. THey are there to ring if you have probs - I did a few times.
A.R.T.H.U.R is Fresenius 4008B, like Beachy’s.