Giving Medicine Thru The NxStage Kidney- IU Guidelines

We do give Iron thru the NxStage Kidney at IU. Yet, you must give the dosage of medicine slowly or the machine will give a “10” alarm to which you press the alarm silence(yellow) button and stop(Red) and then “Go”(Green Kidney). Now, it might take a few times of this action for the machine to return to normal, so do not let your heart be troubled. After slowly giving the Iron dosage, a small amount of the medication, every 15 minutes, and giving the full dose, you will flush it slowly with salt water, giving a very small amount every 5-10 minutes. If you cannot take heparin with a treatment, give 100 mgs of salt water every 30 minutes, such as 1,000 to 900, 900 to 800, etc. Many times, most hospitals do not want you to have heparin before a surgery, they are concerned with bleeding issues. Make sure if you are going to give Iron at home, someone is there to assist you if there is a reaction to the medication.