[Global Travel] Dialysis and Travel

Checkout this website that was started by dialysis patients for dialysis patients. It has some nice information for traveling and of course comics… :stuck_out_tongue:


One of my favorite sites on the web Gus. First I’d note that the creaor of the cartoon is Peter Quaife a founding member of the rock and roll group The Kinks. Peter gained fame in 1964 when the band soared to Number 1 on the British pop charts with “You Really Got Me” In the UK during the 60’s The Kinks were second only to The Beatles in popularity. “You Really Got Me” has been claimed by critics to have invented Heavy Metal and was the first hit song to be based around “Power Chords”. Peter has been on dialysis for the last 10 years.

The second thing I’d like to note is that globaldialysis is where I’ve started a travel blog:
I intend to write about how I’m arranging a trip to South America and then I’ll post accounts from the road. My plan is to leave November 26th for Ecuador and study spanish in Quito for two weeks before going to Cuzco and Manchu Picchu in Peru. Then I’ll meet family in Cancun for Christmas, returning to Seattle on December 28th.

Finally I’d also note that the site was started by a significant other - Russ because he and his wife Val (who was on dialysis) loved to travel. Val passed several years ago but the site is dedicated to her memory and Russ continues to be involved and remains dedicated to maintaining the site as a public service. As someone who loves to travel I feel like Russ keeps the site up just for me but I know that many patients benifit from his efforts.


Reviving the cartoon thread again!.. :smiley:

Reading some of the blog entries with interest as to to the clinics & the costs…

Presumably good insurance, I know there are several private clinics around the UK, which acept bookings, (such as the holiday one.)
It is a lot harder to dialyse at another unit in the UK then it is to go abroad (within the EU).

Is it as easy as it sounds? of course bloods, swabs etc need to be provided for each unit.