Great show Dori!

I got a chance to listen a couple of my favorite people in this field of medicine at blogtalkradio: Dori Schatell and Arlene Tinker. I feel like Arlene and I have spent way too much time staring into the dark corners of this field of medicine and it was great to hear from a very knowledgeable person - with a positive message - who showed us there is a light out there. Thank you Dori!!!


past shows:

Thanks, Plugger! I appreciate you taking the time to post the link. :slight_smile:

Yesh i used to listen to it Dori Schatell and Arlene Tinker all are good speakers. They make your thoughts flow to the unanticipated places

Brilliant Doriā€¦ Thank you also for posting the link. We have a chance to look at it.

Thanks for sharing so that others can listen too.