Great Test Results!

Hubby and I are on cloud nine tonight. Tests done last week have shown that his afternoon PD fill can be stopped. PD will be done only at night for a little over 7 hours. This as such a surprise. We had made up our mind that what we were doing was the way things were going to be.

Now hubby hooks up when he gets ready to go to bed and the dialysis is over when he get up.

I just want to encourage others starting or doing PD to do just what your clinic tells you to do. Follow the rules. Don’t fudge with what you are supposed to do.

Test results are always a good thing…

I just wanted to give my happy results of my 85 year old mother who has been on the Baxter PD Cycler for two years now - with no complications what-so-ever. Her veins were to small for Hemo and had to go on PD - what a great choice. She lives with me now, but she did live for a while by herself and had no problem hooking up each night. The bags got a little heavy for her to move, so in with me and my wife she came.

She is on the machine for about 9 hours each night, and most of the nights are “noise” free except for an occasional interruption which she usually fixes herself. We do have a baby monitor in her room connected to ours. Praise the Lord she has not once in two years experienced Peritonitis. I believe if you follow the correct procedure with WASHING HANDS and KEEPING THE AREA CLEAN you have a good chance of no problems.

After the initial learning phase (two years ago), which was some getting used to, we now except it as part of our daily routine and don’t think much about it. In fact, it has helped get her blood pressure under control. I have been able to cut way back on her medication.

Recently the Baxter delivery person told me some people are afraid of doing PD because they don’t wont to take their lives into their own hands. This is not the case. The only fear is the unknown. I believe once you learn the procedure is becomes very easy.

I’m not saying PD is the only way - but it is the only way for my mother.

That’s great to hear, unregistered! So often elderly people aren’t given the option of PD, but we hear of many instances where it works terrifically well for them. It sounds like your mom is doing very well–and is largely independent in her PD care.