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My background

I have been a dialysis social worker for over 30 years. All three clinics where I worked had PD and home HD. All were staffed by knowledgeable and committed physicians, home training nurses, and dietitians who took their jobs seriously and cared deeply for the patients they treated. I have tremendous respect and regard for what they taught me.

My interests
[li]Home dialysis treatment options
[/li][li]Medicare payment for home treatments
[/li][li]Medicare Part D and resources to help pay for prescribed drugs
[/li][li]Federal regulations on dialysis clinics
[/li][li]The benefits of work for patients, families, clinics, employers, and society, and resources for finding or keeping a job
My limits

I will answer questions as fast as I can, given my other duties. Besides my work with MEI, I have a full-time job with the National Kidney Foundation, Inc. I also consult part-time with the Missouri Kidney Program’s Patient Education Program.

My knowledge is limited. I do not know how dialysis is done or what options are offered in other countries, what machines are used, or how to obtain them. I am not a doctor or lawyer and can’t give you medical or legal advice.

If you have questions about Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, their staff must tell you about their programs. If they give you the wrong information, you have certain rights. I may be able to tell you about policies and how to use your rights, but only agency staff can resolve issues at their agency.

The accuracy of my response(s) will depend on the fact(s) you provide, the question(s) you ask, and how you ask them. As needed, I will share references to other information on your topic.

Others who can help

Federal regulations require dialysis staff to be available to help meet your clinical needs. None of my comments or responses can substitute for those of your physician, home training nurse, dietitian or social worker. Please use your team as your main point(s) of reference.