Gus: sleeping the night through


You can also try taking a hot relaxing bath while
listening to some soothing music, using a package of
herbs with lavendar in it, known for its soothing properties.

Drink some hot milk or herbal tea,
such as chamomile, eat a bannana.

Reading a not so good book to allow your mind, body
to stop focusing on the day or past or future and just
relaxe and repair itself.

Turning on a fan, a sound machine.

Say a prayer, talk to God, place a empty chair by your
bedside and ask God to protect you, keep you company.

Wacth something that might cause you to become

Maybe you need to cut something out of your life and
replace it with something you needed to do: Like
Stopping bad habbits and replacing them with good habbits.
Like exercising more, getting your eyes checked,
being more productive. Praying for others,
vulunteering or talking more positive to
others and yourself. I don’t know you and haven’t observed you,
so I can’t tell you what is keeping you awake,
but those are some more suggestions to help you observe
yourself, behavior, thoughts, surroundings better to
see what is keeping you awake and might help you relax
fully and sleep soundly. Take Care.

Hehe, your funny… :lol:

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Apparently the initial posting was deleted from this thread so I don’t know what that posting said about the problem with sleep. Certain medications, pre-bedtime activities, and even lifestyle behaviors can interfere with sleep. When someone has a problem getting to sleep, staying asleep, or feeling sleepy during the day, a sleep study can find out what happens during sleep. For instance, the person’s legs may move a lot (restless legs syndrome) or they may stop breathing temporarily during sleep (sleep apnea). Once the cause of the sleep problem is identified, it’s possible to design a treatment plan to reduce or eliminate the problem so the person gets a more restful night’s sleep.

You might want to follow some or all of the links on MedlinePlus, a US government website, related to sleep problems:

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The module of Kidney School on “Staying Active with Kidney Disease” ( has a long section on sleep issues and what to do about them. :stuck_out_tongue: