Has anyone heard of renal function improving after 2+ years on dialysis?

Just wanted to share my story about renal failure. I was seriously ill in May 2005 & was diagnosed with MPA. I had acute renal failure & lung haemorraging. I started on haemo straight away along with plasma-pharesis. Also lots of serious meds; like steroids, chemo & immune suppression. After doing haemo for 7mths (in centre/3 days per week) I opted for independent PD (not cycler) as my Dr told me kidneys would not recover after 3 months of serious treatment. I continued to do 4 daily exchanges until earlier this year when I was prescribed extraneal + 2 x 1.5% x 2 lt bags. I was trying to lose some weight to get on a transplant list. I was over 100kg & was told I needed to lose 5-10 kg to be considered for transplantation. The reason I changed to extraneal was to lower the calorie intake from the PD bags.
I lost sufficient weight & was put on the list in May this year for a combined kidney/pancreas! I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 24+ yrs, although my kidney failure wasn’t due to the diabetes it was from the MPA.
My Dr noticed in Feb this year that my blood results were improved. He rechecked them again in May to compare with Feb results. My kidney function was even better than Feb. My Dr decreased my PD presciption to 2 bags per day; 1 x extraneal & 1 x 2.5% x 2 litres. I continued for 1mth on this regime & had bloods taken again. Again sustained improvement in kidney function! Dr suggested I try CEASING dialysis & 2 weeks ago I stopped PD dialysis.
Bloods still showing sustained improvement (I am currently on twice weekly ELFT’s). I am feeling great, no fluid build up & I have even halved my BP medication as my BP was becoming too low & I was feeling quite lightheaded constantly. My Dr OK’d this last week. My Dr doesn’t know how long this “honeymoon period” will last as it is rare for the kidney function to improve after 2+ yrs on dialysis.
I am over the moon (not getting too far ahead of myself though) as the bubble could burst any time. I pray this improvement in my condition will be sustained for alot longer!
I would also like to mention (without giving anyone false hope) that I am continuing my acupunture sessions - once per month - which I commenced last Dec 06. I believe the acupuncture is enhancing my kindey function & has contributed to my current kidney rehabilitation. I am interested to know if anyone else has had a turnaround in their renal function & I would like to hear their stories? All the best, Aussie Angie.

Hi Angie,

Wow, that is really terrific news! While your cause of kidney failure was acute (and sometimes people with acute kidney failure do recover function), your doctor is right that it is very rare to get kidney function back after more than a year on dialysis.

What is MPA?

Since you also have diabetes, you will want to keep a close eye on your kidney function. Here is some information about how to protect your kidneys that you may find useful to help you do that: http://www.lifeoptions.org/kidneyinfo/ckdinfo.php.

Good luck, and I hope your improved health continues.

That is AMAZING Angie!! You are living every dialysis patients’ dream! lol. I’ve been on PD for a year and a half. My kidney function has gotten slightly better during this time, but I don’t think mine will ever be good enough to stop dialysis, which kind of sucks bc I’m only 20 years old. Oh well. That’s life, I guess! :slight_smile: Good luck keeping dialysis away! Following a renal diet may help with that. So did they take you off the transplant list or are you still waiting to make sure it’s for real?

i always thought that this will happen to my father but it never happened.

Dear Dori, MPA is Microscopic Polyangiitis, it is a vasculitis. It is an illness that causes the immune system to turn on itself & mine started to attack my small blood vessels. I am very lucky to still be here! There are only 8 cases a year in Australia…it is very rare. I can joke about it now, & I tell everyone how excited I was about contracting a disease that was named after me poly ANGI itis! Cheers, Aussie Angie.

well my father had ARF in 2002 but he recovered at that time.
he had CRF in 2004.

Dear Shannon, Yes I am still on the transplant list! Renal Dr (in Qld) told me I would be taken off, but I emailed transplant unit in Sydney, NSW (not in state of Qld) where I am on list & they told me that I am still on their list, as I would benefit more from getting a new pancreas than I will waiting to go back on dialysis. All the best, Aussie Angie.

This is a rare interesting report! Hmm, maybe I should try Acupuncture myself…