Has anyone named their machine?

On a lighter note, I am way past due naming my NxStage machine. What do you think of the name Mute as was suggested to me by my little one? Kinda cute, huh?

I must say, its really something how one’s machine becomes like such a buddy. And my Nxstage has been very dependable. Gotta give it a name.

I’ve named mine “Sir Lancelot” because it’s my “knight in white plastic armour”

Name that tune…
When I was awakened every night because of the #14 alarm I was ready to call ours $#@&^%*& but since using the pureflow and not seeing the #14 alarm. Was ready to call ours “SLEEPLESS NIGHTS” … But think I will just name it “FOURTEEN”…


LOL, must admit I called my Nxstage %*@&+#^% on more than one ocassion, but since it has been behaving nicely for quite awhile now, I’m getting sentimental and will give it a better name.

Even though I never defaced it, I sometimes call my NxStage Carmirma, which is a combination of the names of the two nurses who trained me.

NxStage 2/06
In-center 3/03

I call mine Gurtrude. It a dominatrix thing. Hurts so good and I feel great afterwards.

“Wonder Hua Hua” …get it?

I named my machine Shadow

“Freni” the Fresenius

My NxStage … “Sissy”.

Kind of makes me think of a tiny little gal that’s probably my best friend.