HD dialysis in center with fistula

What are the cons of getting HD done at center with AV fistula?

Currently my wife is getting her heamodialysis done at hospital in twice a week frequency and it’s done using perma-cath for last 1 year 3 months. We are yet to made AV fistula on her non dominant arm.

I have a temporary. Cath too before I get fistula or graph. I was on pd dialysis but got a rare infection had to come off it . Anyway I been going to center and they have been very good one thing make sure center watch if blood pressure drop into much fluid is being take off . I watch the one with the fistula I just notice it take longer to seem up and to unhook them they always bandages them back up out this type of brace on after I think it help with not clotting and they do take it off before they leave . So far I haven’t seen anyone have any trouble with the fistula there .

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Thanks for sharing your experience - I did notice this bandage application after dialysis gets over to avoid any blood clotting.

Much depends on the unit (and I must mention I’m in the UK).
I learnt to self cannulate on a fistula at a very young age. And enabling 'self care can improve a feeling of control of treatment.

There’s less risk of infection with a fistula if care is taken, and the fistula lasts.

The cons. Needles ‘can’ be painful. Fistulas can ‘sometimes’ clot/stop working. I’ve been very very lucky, with my fistula outlasting my transplants.

I was on hemodialysis + peritoneal dialysis when I was 10yrs-16yrs old. Peritoneal gives you freedom + independence! If you have to go to a unit to get dialyzed every other day, that’s very time consuming, plus you typically can’t eat sodium or potassium. On peritoneal dialysis, you are being dialyzed every day, so you don’t feel horrible, you actually feel good + many people can eat + drink much more of what they want, because you’re being dialyzed! Typically people feel really crappy after getting off hemo. To me, it’s a no brainer, peritoneal all the way, if you are able. Good luck to you all.