HDC'c wonderful webinars

Hi Dori,
I had been wanting to find the time to re-listen/view the webinars and finally did get back to one today- the one with Prof Agar answering questions on nocturnal. With the technical problems that have occurred, I would always miss parts and wonder what I had missed. And I found I could not read or contribute to chat and concentrate on the presentations at the same time. So, it is great that I could go back and fill in the blanks.

With this presentation, there was a delay. Prof Agar would ask you something and you were on the screen not saying anything. I kept laughing because this kept happening and you were sitting there just so perfectly still not even flinching a facial muscle. Then Bill P. and Dr. L had direct lines commenting to you and Prof. Agar, so with the delays and everyone talking at the same time, now I remember why I had so much difficulty taking everything in. By listening to this presentation again, I caught info I missed the first time.

So, I have a question. Prof Agar said with nocturnal there is improvement in pth, cal. runs on the high side of normal and phos/cal levels/balance improve. I believe he said over there they give a small dose of cinacalcet sp?, but you were saying that you had attended a seminar where they said nocturnal patients should no longer need cinacalcet ( is that the same thing as vit D analogs?). Could you clarify what was said in this portion of the presentation?

I’m going back yet another time just to read the speaker’s teaching notes. I’m not a person who can take in multiple stimuli as with all the technical bloopers, but I love the webinars : )

Hi Jane,
The distance between Oz and the US–and my tendency to turn off my video & audio when someone else is speaking to avoid echos–can lead to some pretty funny viewing. :wink:

Cinacalcet is not a Vitamin D analogue–it’s a new class of drug completely, called a calcimimetic. Its job in the body is to pretend it’s calcium, so the parathyroid glands believe they have what they need and they shut off their overproduction of parathyroid hormone.

I do remember a speaker (it might have been Michael Kraus?) at the Annual Dialysis Conference last year saying that folks on nocturnal should NOT need cinacalcet–likely because their calcium and phosphorus levels are already normalized due to getting more treatment (there are studies that show this).