Heating dialysate for first day's use

We have a Nxt stage home dialysis unit. We have to make up a new SAC every three days (60 liters of it). The first day it is always so cold going into my body that I get thoroughly chilled. Any suggestions of how to handle this?

I’d strongly recommend that you talk with your home training nurse and/or NxStage when you have questions about the machine and symptoms that you may have. That said, the PureFlow Users Guide section 6 (Supplemental Procedures) page 1 has instructions on adjusting the heater setting. The range is from 0-20, new machines usually come set to 10. You should adjust the setting for comfort. If you make it too hot the cycler will alarm and not let you use it, so adjust it by 1 or 2 at a time until you are comfortable. Always keep the PureFlow turned on when you have made a batch so it will stay warm.