My name is Dianne and my husband of 43 years(Aug. 20) is on PD. We started in January and use a cycler from Baxter. Even though we went through some rough weeks things are working out real good for us. He only doesn the PD for 7-8 hours at night. This is while he sleeping.

I thought the world was coming to an end when were went through the training. Even when the PD nurse assured us that we could handle everything. We learned early on that you have rules to follow but you adapt them to your life.

We don’t do too much traveling but have taken an overnight trip to Columbus, Georgia and spent a week at Orange Beach, Alabama this summer. No problem at all with our little trips. (We do live in southeast Alabama.)

I have to praise the doctors and staff at our local dialysis clinic. We have gotten so close to them and they are always ready to help with any situation that arises.

I am looking forward to seeing other partners posting. This can be a great support group.

Hello Dianne and wishing you a soon Happy Anniversary. My hubby and I are working on 27 years together and like you each comes with it’s own challenges. Also like you hubby has been doing home pd since this Feb and so this Tgiving will be our first family get together with my parents in rural MO USA. I have concerns about them heating the house with a wood stove possibly causing any problems ie. infection etc. We have been so careful and able to control things (fans, animals, smoke etc) at our home that I am reluctant to travel and run the risks.
Am considering trying to get them to come here but hate to deprive hubby of chance to go to Branson and other fun we have had in the past because of my fears.
I get that we can have cycler and some supplies shipped and am organized enough to get everything else packed, I am mostly concerned about possible infections in a strange area.
Anyone got any advice??

If you are only going to be away from home for a few days. Just take your supplies with you. That is what we do. It is a lot to take with you but you don’t have to bring all of it back. Don’t worry about infections just follow the directions away from home as you do at home. We have taken trips twice without any problems. (We just pack the cycler in it’s little case and put in the back of the jeep along with the rest of the supplies.)

I don’t have a wood stove but do have a fireplace in our home and we used it all last winter.

I want to tell you to just pack up and go but I feel you need to do what you are comfortable with.

Thank you so much for the “Happy Anniversary”. We will be married 43 years on August 20. My goodness what happen to our “Golden Years”. I feel these years are our youth. During this time we don’t have enough sense to enjoy the “Golden Years”.

My husband is now using the Baxter cycler at night.We planned a cruise before the dialysis was needed. Has anyone gone on a Carnival cruise while on PD? Before I cancel I’d be interested if anyone has done this. I understand Baxter will ship the supplies but I’d like to hear from someone who has done this/

We have not taken a cruise but went to the beach for a week this summer. We just packed the supplies we would need for a week.

If you are planning an extended cruise call the Baxter and ask them what you need to do. I am sure they can give you the right information.

We’ve done weekends away without problems but a week would require so many supplies we wouldn’t be able to carry them. I know Baxter will deliver but I’d like to know if anyone has done it without a hitch. I would hate to get there and find there’s a problem.

I Spoke To Baxter And They Said It Has Been Done Many Times. They Deliver Supplies The Day Of The Cruise. We Are Required To Bring Along Incidentals As They Only Ship In Full Cartons.
Sound Good But I’d Still Like To Hear From Someone Who Has Done This.