Help finding care for mother in law on PD while away

My mother in law is on PD and has been for about four to five months.

She’s unable to operate the machine or connect/disconnect herself.

I’m looking for someone to help her in the mornings and evenings to help her set up the machine/breakdown machine and then connect/disconnect.

Has anyone found an agency that is willing/able to do this?

Thank you for your help!

Has something changed in her mental or physical status that makes her unable to set up and connect/disconnect from the machine? If she needs retraining, her home training nurse could do that. The nurse could train someone else to do her PD if her status or care partner has changed.

Medicare doesn’t pay for a care partner and most patients use family members or friends to help with their dialysis. There are some dialysis clinics that offer “staff-assisted dialysis” but they’re few and far between. You could use the Find a Clinic database on the Home Dialysis Central website (click on the logo on this page) and look for staff-assisted dialysis to see if there’s a dialysis clinic in her area that provides that. You could also use Google and search for staff-assisted dialysis.

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Nothing changed in her mental or physical status.

She was just never able to set up/connect/disconnect alone and the PD nurse thought that was fine.

We’ve managed to teach her how to do manuals which is what she’ll be doing while we’re on vacation.

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it.

The important thing with PD (manual or machine) is how to set up the supplies needed and to do connections/disconnections using sterile technique. Does she have a checklist to help her? Did her home training nurse teach her how to do all the steps and observe her doing them to make sure that she follows them correctly? Does she have the phone number for the home training nurse if she has questions? Does she know how to check her drain bag to be sure she isn’t starting to have symptoms of peritonitis? Does she have a way to get to the clinic or the hospital if necessary while you’re gone? Having all this in place should make your vacation and her time alone without you less stressful.