Help help help HHHHEELP!

my clinic thinks I am allergic to the emul cream. I tested a spot on me with just the alcohol pad and then another spot with just the emul cream. wrapped both of them up with the saran wrap and the next morning I had no evidence at all of any allergic reaction on both of the places I tested but when I do the emu cream and go to dialysis and then they do the alocohol after I have washed off the emul cream and they put the needles in I get a big red spot on my arm. They said I am allergic to the cream and that I should not use the emul cream at all. they are using 17 guage needles on me and have to find something else to use. I am not going to go without the use of just nothing on my arms. I bet there is some other cream or something that will numb my arm up and do a good job of it but I do not know what I can use or for that matter what it is called???
thank you ever so much,

teri wildes

Has the big red spot gone? It may be the soap you are using interacted with the emul cream let me know

hello has the spot gone are give the viewers a update there is a lot of people wondering what happen