Help needed from nxstage users

After promising to give me a try on the NxStage machine my center is giving me problems. They are saying that no one is getting good clearances on this machine and I know that is NOT true.

If you use the nxstage machine I would so very much appreciate if you could give me the following information. If you don’t want to leave it publicly please email me at

Pre and post BUN and Creatinine
blood flow rate and #of hours per treatment

of treatments per week

I see my center on Tuesday and would love to be able to share with them as many examples as I can.

Thanks so much,

self home hemo 9/04
currently on Fresenius 2008K

Wow, they really told you that? :shock:

What’s your clinic’s name?

P.S. If you question them and debate them they’re gonna squeeze their lips tight and give you the look! :?