Help! Please!

I am a 33 year old male, of African descent who is Hiv positive as well as have (ESRD). I’ll get right to the point, the problem I’m having is I decided that I would go to California to “try” to receive a kidney transplant, since in California they transplant HIV individuals. However, things didn’t work out and as a result, my partner flew me back to Denver. The problem is now my clinic is not allowing me to return, I must admit that my clinic which is University Hospital has not done what I considered a good job, but in the meantime I can’t get any bags from Baxter, although when I called them they have me listed as a client, they can not give me any suppys until a doctor gives them a perscription. Meantime, I’ve been in the hospital about five times this month and I’m going back due to I swelling at the feet!! Also. I called another clinic and they will not see me until March the 17, I just don’t know if I can wait that long. Can someone please help me!!! Signed help!!!

You didn’t say on what terms you left your dialysis clinic, why your old dialysis clinic is not willing to accept you back, whether your nephrologist in Denver is also refusing to accept you back, and what, if anything, your Denver clinic has done to help you find another place for dialysis if they’re unwilling to accept you back.

You say you have an appointment at a dialysis clinic in mid-March, have you contacted all the clinics offering PD on the Home Dialysis Central Find a Center databse to see if any could take you sooner? Yeed also need a nephrologist who will accept you and prescribe your supplies. I’d contact the ESRD Network that covers Colorado. Their website is at Their phone number is 1-303-831-8818 in Denver or toll-free 1-800-783-8818 or 1-888-777-0105. Explain your situation honestly and ask what you can do to get the treatment you need.

Glennie - I wanted to let you know that Baxter can not provide you bags due to the fact that they must have a prescription from your current nephrologist. If you consult a local Denver Doctor, and let them know your situation and that you are eager to return to PD and you will follow the regiments that he/she orders Im positive you can enter the new clinic and proceed as a patient. Again, you must be willing to listen to Doctor’s orders, they truly care about you and your health. Good luck!! I hope you get in a bit sooner than Mid-March and stay out of the hospital.