Hema Metrics Crit-Line lll Monitor

I have a Hema Metrics Crit-Line lll Monitor & Accessories for sale. Unit was owned by a private dialysis patient. He received dialysis at home with a portable dialysis machine and employed a private dialysis Registered Nurse. Unit has been gently used from February ‘04 to November ’05 when he passed away. Unit comes with the reference manual, AC adapter cord, and 36 disposable blood chamber attachments. Unit has a parallel port on the back to connect to a printer and a finger clip for monitoring. This monitor was privately purchased for $5,200.00. Now sells for approx. $7,000. I’d love to make someone a great deal. Please contact me Kathy Connelly by email: katcon@cwnet.com. I’m in San Diego, CA. I don’t check this board, just happened to come across it in trying to sell this monitor!!