Hemodiafiltration: An updated form of dialysis

Please see this article about hemodiafiltration, which research shows may decrease the mortality of patients with chronic renal failure by 35%. The article is located at the link, below:


For home hemodialysis, this would be a terrific therapy.


Joe Atkins

Hemodiafiltration, hmm, interesting

can someone explain this a little better

Online-hemodiafiltration combines two different methods of removal of toxins: diffusion-based hemodialysis, and hemofiltration whereby blood is filtered through a membrane. HDF is particularly efficient and gentle when filtering toxins and removing water from the patient’s blood. The 5008 Therapy System automatically replaces the fluid removed with an appropriate quantity of ultrapure electrolyte solution; the solution is prepared by the dialysis machine “online”, eliminating the need for additional infusion solutions in bags.

The study has been published in the online-edition of “Kidney international” at: http://www.nature.com/ki/journal/vaop/ncurrent/full/5000447a.html.