Hemodialysis and gnats

Hi all, I did PD for 4 years until I got infected in my catheter so I went on Next stage. Every since I have been doing it I have been biothered with gnats in my house. I keep everything clean and wiped down with bleach. I have only had one blood spill and that was because my fistula tarted leaking when I stood up.I keep all needle containers closed when not in use, I seal and discard all trash after treatment… etc… etc… ButThis is driving me craZY. tHESE LITTLE BUGGERS look like fruit flies. I don’t keep food out. I don’t keep fruit out of the fridge. I spray and they still seem to come back. What is this plague and is anyone else troubled with this?

I have never hard of anything like this. Where do you mainly see them and when? Where do you store your supplies?
I doubt very much that it as anything to do with switching to NxStage. Knats are not part of the protocal. With winter coming, you should start seeing less of them. I would try and find the source if you can.
What part of the US do you live. Do you keep alot of vegetables/fruit in the house? Any plants in your house or in the room where you dialyze?


My guess is they are drain fly… Easy to rid of, just use some draino in the
drains in shower and sink and possibly the drain in which your lines from
the machine drain into ( but I would first ask technician if it’s ok).

Hope this help