Hernia and Peritonial Dialysis‏


Anyone got any experience off or knowledge of Peritonial Dialysis and Hernia’s

My father is a 79 year old gentleman who is on Peritonial Dialysis.

He has been admitted to hospital earlier this week with suspected Hernia problem - i dont know at this stage what type of hernia he has but before he was admitted he had lot of pain and was vomiting and his naval/belly button was protruded (like you would see in photographs of children who are malnurished) so not sure if that can help identify the type of Hernia

The surgical team are considering surgery but have not made a decision yet and while they are assessing his case - he has been taken off peritonial dialysis and isnt been allowed solids and was only allowed to drink clear liquids yesterday

What are the surgical approaches available ?

If he has surgery for the Hernia - will he be back to go back onto peritonial dialysis at any time in the future or will he have to go onto haemo dialysis and never will be able to go back onto Peritonial Dialysis?


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I found this 2006 abstract of a study that reported on hernia repair in PD patients:

Here’s another article from Mexico in 2001 that said that patients went back on PD immediately after surgery without problems:

And another from 2003 that states that patients on CAPD were more likely to have hernias than those that used only the cycler (APD or CCPD):

You may want to refer your father’s doctor to these articles. I’m sure there are many more on PubMed:

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i am saleh from palestin
can u tell me which tye of hernia ur father have? that mean the place
and according to the place we decided
if he has to do |
1- to hemodialysis though chatheter jugulary or femoraly for a period of time at least 2 months
2 -to contiou peritonial dialysis at night when he is lying and at day dry ( mean without fluid in his abdomen
3- to stop perionial and to remove tenchof chatheter to do only hemodialysis
tell me i will anser u
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good luck