HHD and open trach

I work at an independent facility that has 2 chronic units and also has HHD and PD units.
We are looking to admit a new patient to HHD that has an open trach. We currently do not have a policy or procedure that covers this and looking for feedback and/or advise on how to proceed.
Any help will be appreciated!!!


I’m sorry that I didn’t respond sooner. I’ve been trying to find out what other clinics look for when admitting a patient with a trach. What I’ve learned from a couple of contacts is that they have a policy to admit patients on a case-by-case basis looking at such things as additional equipment needed with the patient while he/she is in training and who will manage any needed trach care while the patient is in training. I’ve heard from DaVita leadership that some DaVita clinics have been identified as ones that can admit higher acuity patients, including those with trachs, LVADs, etc. I’ve also heard that patients with capped trachs can be admitted pretty much anywhere. You might want to contact DaVita to find out more about what policies those high acuity clinics have.

Thank you for your reply.