Hi my frendds iplan to make pd dialysis and. I want to now your opinion about that

Hi my frnds iprepare to go to pd dialysis and I want your opinions please about that

Medical Education Institute that administers this message board has multiple resources to help people review their options, including a Facebook group for people who are on different treatments or considering them. It’s a closed group that requires answering a few short questions. No messages can be seen by non-members. People in the FB group are really responsive and supportive.

You might also be interested in using the decision aid My Life, My Dialysis Choice to see how well PD fits with what you value and your lifestyle. You can find it at https://mydialysischoice.org/.

You can read about treatment options on these sites too:

My husband is a year and a half into PD and I would highly recommend this type of treatment. You will always have help from your PD nurse who trains you to perform like a professional and is there to help if you feel unsure about what you are doing.
Baxter is a great company that services your supplies and offers help 24/7 if you are having any problems with the machine.
Best of all, this is done in the comfort of your home, overnight, you can’t beat that, and PD is a milder form of treatment as opposed to doing a 4 hour treatment in a clinic.
Not everyone is suited to performing the procedure, but if you have a spouse or partner you become a team and that makes things easier.
My husband is 91 and doing great!

I have been on PD since early October 2019 and think its great. don’t let your caregiver say it’s too lmuch work as it is not. My caregiver loves doing it especially since it keeps me going pretty strong in our daily lives. My appetite improved once I got off of hemo and have gained back most of my weight loss that happened in 2018 and 2019. My diet is not as restricted as it was on hemo either.

There are some really cool assistive tools for stroke victims and people with some weakness for PD. You can use some of these products to make it where you need a caregiver less. Keep confidence in yourself and find ways to be successful.

Lower the IV pole to a height you can stay seated, lift the bag to hang and it will be less taxing on your shoulders. Then once you prep the line you can raise the pole to speed up the flow. There are many options! You can do this and be successful!

Is the way ro depending on your condition. It has its challenges bit is going to give the most freedom specially if you do yhe exchages with the AMIA machine. Manually you have to do the exchanges 4 tomes times during the increasing the risk of peritoneal infection.

Manually you have to do the exchanges 4 tomes times during the fay increasing the risk of peritoneal infection. With the machine all exchanges are done automaticallywhile you sleep

If your friend is new to dialysis I would recommend asking about extraneal (icodextran) once a day with a 12 hour dwell. Manual doesn’t have to require 4 times a day if you are just starting dialysis and have at least 1L of Urine a day. If you get to the point of four exchanges a day, a cycler is easier. While your risk of infection will increase with exchanges, the difference is using proper hand washing and infection control, risk is always low of infection.

I am still urinating at 2.5lt per day and I was prescribed 4 exchanges per day; if I do it manually. that is 8 connections per day against 3 with the cycler. The more connections the more probability of an infection due to, errors, breathing or air around you (forgetting to shut off furnace, ac or fan).
Is extraneal (icodextran) once a day with a 12 hour dwell?
Does that mean one have to carry the fluids 12 hours in a row in your peritoneum? I am using the cycler since 01/14/2021 and still think is the best way to go since it gives me the most flexibility with my time while I am awake

How long have you been on? How much do you weigh currently? There is a wonderful book that is called “The guidebook for Peritoneal Dialysis” by Dr. Stephen Guest. In chapter 16 it discusses ideal body weight. If I had to guess, you are over 200 pounds in body weight, and the reason you’re doing so much dialysis is that your doctor is using a true body weight. The causes you to have a tremendous amount more dialysis then if you used an ideal or adjusted ideal body weight. BUN and Cr is something we focus heavily on in addition to the Kt/V.

I apologize the question you asked wasn’t answered. The fluids are carried for 12 hours, but overnight. Typically 8-8. You can also leave it up to 16 hours. A majority of the fluids shift around hour 8-9. The UF can be a challenge as it removes up to 1.2L on some of my men. Women tend to UF around 0-600cc max. Some of our patients use a cycler as needed in conjunction.