Hi, new here

Hello To All,
I just came across this site found it interesting. My daughter has been on PD dialysis since 6/03. Was transplanted for 12 yrs. prior to dialysis, a GOOD 12 yrs. she had ! Needless to say it failed. It has been the longest 3 yrs. of our lives. Her only sister gave her another chance a kidney a yr. ago but it never functioned, and it all turned out horrible for my girls. My donor daughter had complications in fact it took 3 surgries and a Pic line and 50 days of Vancomycin for doner to heal, she lost 7 months of work, not to mention the emotional impact. My Recipient daughter suffer several months of infections, and had to have her PD Cath. replaced which at the time we were not even sure she could remain on, very touchy situation. Only in the last few months have then both come around. How well I have had to learn to administer Vacnomycin to both !! Read many post on here, and have face simular problems in the past 3 yrs. My Daughter is back on the waiting list, and again we wait. I am glad I found these boards, support and giving support is so important and vital. I hope I can offer some support here to those who are new to PD and I thank all for the support I can hopeful gain.

Hi Seneca03,

Welcome to Home Dialysis Central. Oh my goodness, you and your daughters have really been through an ordeal. I’m soooo sorry to hear that their efforts at kidney transplant went so poorly. This is rare, but as you’ve seen for yourself, it does unfortunately happen sometimes, and it is wrenching. Hopefully they’re both recovered and doing better now. It’s great that your recipient daughter can continue to do PD, and it sounds as if you have a lot of wisdom to contribute to the group.

Hello Seneca, I just read your post and I just want you to know that I know exactly what you have been through. My 28 yr old daughter has had two transplants, one from me and one from my husband. Our transplant was a nightmare and we almost lost her. She is currently on “the list”, but that isn’t too promising. It is so very hard to see your familly suffer, physically, mentally and financially. Sometimes you have to wonder what life has planned for you. I hope you find some comfort and enjoy some happiness. All my best.