High Blood Pressure AGAIN

Houston we have a problem…
Wondering why after 6 years of Nocturnal Home Hemo Dialysis (7 hrs/6 days) my partner’s Blood pressure is back up and in need of medication…
We were on the Fresenius for about 5 years and switched to the NxStage. Since switching to the NxStage her blood pressure has been up in the 180’s/80’s after the treatments. as compared to the Fresenius 110’s/60’s. and some times lower.
We have tried decreasing her dry weight… Did not help
Also tried increasing the amount of dialysate from 20 ltr/tx to 28ltr/tx… still High BP
Increased the FF to 30 from 25-26… NO HELP.
Increased the time from 7 hrs to 8 hrs… still high BP
All these changes done over a two month period with the blessing of our clinic and Neph.

Is any one else experiencing these problems???..

Also started to use phosphate binders,
Has been recently put on potassium pills… low reading… (Probably because of the longer treatments as the K value on the lactate dialysate is 1K)
Have gone back to her normal treatment values and will see at next months blood work.
The patassium is being checked weekly and it is back up to 4.2. Guess she can stop drinking avacado shakes…And taking those K pills. Will Know in a few days as I draw blood tonight…