High creatinine but low potassium

My brother who is 46 is going through a kidney failure and his creatinine was 12.5 and he was recently dialysed and the level now is 5.6 after 3 dialysis sessions. His potassium levels always go down as it’s not the case with most of the kidney failure patients. I tried ginger therapy on him for 10 days and during that time there was no noticeable creatinine rise but as he admitted to a hospital we had to stop the ginger massage. What do you recommend? Earlier I was giving him 2 sessions of ginger heat/massage therapy in a day.

I am afraid I have no experience with, nor interest in ‘ginger massage’. I cannot help with this.

Hi Amit,

My daughter also has low potassium issues. Your brother’s doctor should be monitoring this and should prescribe supplements when it gets too low. For times when it isn’t so low as to need supplements but is trending that way, a dietician should be able to guide him on how to manage potassium rich foods to keep it in the target range. Hopefully your brother’s nephrologist office has a dietician on staff. We use diet to manage my daughter’s potassium levels and its been very successful. Best of luck.