do any one know the effect of hiv on kidney patient

I think we need a bit more detail to be able to answer you, unregistered. What kind of effects are you concerned about? Is there something specific you have in mind?

I can’t answer your question specifically, but I can tell you what I know from experience. I tested HIV+ in the late '80s and developed full blown AIDS in 1996. My kidneys were not noticeably affected by the disease until around 2000 or so. My neph has diagnosed my kidney failure due to AIDS, but truthfully - there is no way that he can know for sure whether AIDS was the actual cause or not.

My diagnosis is complicated because I developed a horrendous case of cryptococcal meningitis that would not go away for a couple of years. This, unfortunately, resulted in my having to take IV amphotericin (sp?) for over 2 years. I had to take it that long because the meningitis was incredibly resistant and that was the only drug available to fight it. Amphotericin is incredibly hard on your body - some people compare it’s harmful effects to chemo.

So, it is not clear what the actual cause of my kidney failure was. It could be from AIDS or it could be from my prolonged exposure to amphotericin.