Holding the lines

Did any of you have difficulty learning to hold the lines while attaching syringes making sure the connections don’t touch anything and you don’t drop a line? Any tips for this?

For me it was just finding what was most comfortable and going about it slowly. My hubby now pushes the saline through the cannulas for me and does my taping most days. we have a pretty good routine. But every now and then I need to do it all myself so I don’t forget.

You can always hold a line with your mouth!..don’t forget to use ACT…heeeheeehhe… :lol:

I was thought from day one to hold any lines “cigarette” style. That way, the end won’t touch anything. There’s not much to learn about it beyond that, though.

I just developed my own way over time. I have the dressing pack all set up a certain way so it is easier for me. I set it up exactly the same each time. I have an upperarm fistula which can sometimes be difficult. I hold the line in my fistula arm hand, unscrew cap and flush with other hand.