Home Dialysis machines

:frowning: Hi, My mother will need very soon dialysis. I was wondering how we can choose a home dialysis machine that easy to use and rather easonable priced?

Thans for help


Sorry to hear about your mother starting dialysis…

Anyway, depending where you live you shouldn’t have to buy the machine…for example, if you reside in the United States then Medicare should handle that, unless you reside elsewhere, have you checked with your Doctor on choices or even asked about wanting to go home and dialyze?

In the U.S. Medicare is available for people of any age who develop kidney failure and need dialysis or a transplant. Most people can get Medicare because they have enough work credits themselves because they have a spouse or a parent (if a child) who has enough work credits. Here are a couple of booklets to read read about Medicare and dialysis:

Unless your mother has insurance through an employer, Medicare would pay 80% of the Medicare approved charge for dialysis. This charge includes the machine rental and supplies for home dialysis as well as support services from the dialysis clinic. You can read information about Medicare and home dialysis specifically at http://www.homedialysis.org/v1/medicare/. If your mother has insurance through an employer, Medicare would pay after that insurance.

Incidentally, most commercial insurance covers both training and home dialysis.