Home Dialysis Policy Summit in Washington D.C. March 29

Hi y’all,

Here is a press release about yesterday’s summit: [url[http://www.marketwatch.com/story/leaders-gather-in-washington-to-seek-policy-solutions-for-improving-home-dialysis-2012-03-29. It was an interesting meeting with lots of good discussion, and representatives from CMS and the FDA attended. Congressman McDermott came and spoke. To me, the big question is, what will come OUT of this meeting. We are still seeing positive results from the [b]Boston ESRD Conference[/b] in 2009 (http://www.renalweb.com/writings/BostonESRDConference2009.htm), because the leadership at that meeting made a point of putting out press releases, writing articles, and sending comments to CMS. At the Annual Dialysis Conference in San Antonio last month, I saw Dr. Tom Parker (one of the Boston meeting planners) give what I thought was the best talk at the meeting about his perspectives on how to improve quality in ESRD care. So, talk is good, but sustained ACTION is better. We’ll see what comes of this!

The four dialyzors who attended as delegates will be preparing our own comments about the Summit.