Home Dialysis Swap

What do you think about it? For example, NxStage patients swapping living places for vacation?

Don’t bring your machine, use mine and I use yours! 8)

Hey Gus
That sounds like a wonderful idea. Seeing as you are a such a lateral thinker, how about going one step further. I could swap with you (just leave a couple of instructions ha ha) and come on down to Oz!

I could leave hubby here to help you set up Freni (no more difficult than flying a plane). You could walk my Ridgeback Nelson on the beach and I am sure you would have a lovely time here. How are you in heat and humidity?

Ummm, what could I do at your place, any ideas? Digitally redecorate anything?

Pity those air fares to the states are so expensive…
:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Your area sounds lovely! I’m there, hubby wants to come too so you will be okay with Freni if I leave those 1 or 2 instructions :lol:
Not sure about the Gus talking parrot though, I would probably have to"accidently" let him escape :wink:
Humidity 85% already and it is only 8am. How are you with the odd snake, spider and friendly shark that lurks around here?
Maybe we could find a wealthy benefactor to sponsor a travel club. Australias richest man has only recently died after a long battle with kidney failure, I am sure he could have helped out.
Think we might need more than 2 of us in the club to bring those airfares down. Where’s Bill, he would join for sure?