Home dyalaisis and side effects

my husband is on home dyalsis. the treatment makes him nausea , gassy, anything he eats goes right through him in the form of direara. he is own 2.5 .any advice would be great.

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I take it you mean he is on peritoneal dialysis.

Unfortunately, there is not enough information to give you any sensible advice or suggestions. Peritoneal dialysis and problems with it are best discussed with your treating team, and not from advice - well meaning or otherwise - proffered over the Internet. I would seriously suggest that you discuss this problem with them. There may be a simple answer and solution.

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Definitely call your PD nurse and discuss. My husband is on PD and does not have those issues. He did however have some of those before he was on phosphorus binders at his present tweaked level. After a year on Hemo the switch to PD has been a very good thing. Initially we talked to her almost daily during the tweaking process. We consulted about the solution strengths, the Heparin dosage, the time frames and size of fills etc etc. She/He should be a wealth of info .