Home Hemo

Id ike to start providing home hemo services to self pay people. But, I’m at a loss as to how to start. I would appreciate any ideas.

I don’t know if you’re asking about being a home dialysis helper or starting a staff assisted home dialysis program. If you want to learn to be a helper, if you have dialysis experience, you could let clinics in your area know that you’re available. There probably are many patients that are not doing home hemo because they live alone and don’t want to ask a friend to help them. Some may be able to afford to pay a helper.

If you’re wanting to start a home dialysis program offering staff assisted home dialysis to just private pay patients, this could be a long and expensive process. You’d have to develop a business plan, policies, procedures, hire staff, purchase equipment, obtain clerical help and office equipment, , probably get licensed to operate, etc. Starting a dialysis clinic is costly. Medicare pays for about 93% of patients today as either a primary or secondary payer. Probably about 25% have commercial insurance when they start dialysis, but after 30 months their coverage switches to Medicare. Most patients would not be able to pay for dialysis out-of-pocket.

If you live in the Massachusetts area and are looking for a home hemodialysis staff position, you can contact us at 888-898-2854.
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