Home hemodialysis machines and disposables


I am trying to understand the prices of the different Hemodialysis machines, as I also know that the costs of disposables can vary greatly. Could you shed a light on the numbers?


I do always try to answer questions here as fully as I can, but your question simply can’t be answered!

Firstly, in many countries, including my own, all machines and consumables - irrespective of choice, type, or system, are provided for free, through funding arrangements negotiated with government health departments. At least here - and in many other jurisdictions, patients pay nothing. While patients may incur various cost(s) in other countries, to try to sort through the many arrangements set up by and/or between governments (state and/or federal) and commercial companies is impractical for me to attempt.

In addition, machine and consumable prices vary, within the same model, from model to model, from country to country, from state to state within single countries (often through purchasing agreements negotiated by state health departments), and even within states according to individual renal services where price per treatment negotiations can depend on purchase volumes and unit size. In my own country, companies do not, in the main, ‘run’ or directly fund dialysis services. State and Federal health departments set the prices they will pay, through funding prolifes negotiated with their respective renal services, not the dialysis manufacturers. Manufacturers (dialysis companies) will then, within these parameters, bid for and negotiate with health service providers (commonly area health services or individual hospitals) a rolled-up rice per treatment that includes machines, consumables, the lot.

This is different in the US, but the differences are so many and so varied - and so foreign to me - that it would be fascile and futile for me to try to unpick the (to me) weird ways US health is delivered and/or funded.

You will need to ask your unit, your state, your country, or - where applicable - your company/companies (if or where companies are involved), for the specific answers you seek. But, at least in my country, patients do not pay anything for dialysis, barring some transport costs for facility patients (and even those are frequently subsidised or arranged for free), or utility costs for home patients - (though, in my state these are also subsidised to zero, or to close to zero (in other states).

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I am told the price of machines is ‘around 16000 GBP’ which converts to nearly 21’000 USD.

Visitors to units are usually charged around 400 USD plus, but that is IN unit covering staff, training etc.

The cost of home dialysis saves most health services thousands, in theory due to not spending on nursing costs, reduced infections, ‘healthier’ patients.

Google found this:http://health.costhelper.com/dialysis.html

But not sure how up to date it may be.

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