Home hemodialysis training

Greetings, I’m new here and relatively new to dialysis. I’ve been on dialysis for about eight months now. I tried PD however, my adequacy was too low. I want to try home hemodialysis, however I’m having a hard time getting scheduled for training. There is only one nurse who does the training in my area and she is very busy and can only train one person at a time. I’m very anxious to get started and would like to know what other training resources may be available.
This is a great site. I wish I had found it sooner.

Try YouTube videos so when they do train you, you will be already familiar with it.

You can find clinics that offer training for home hemodialysis on Home Dialysis Central in its Find a Clinic database. You can choose what type of treatment you want (there are several options for home HD), type in your zip code and choose how far you’d be willing to travel, keeping in mind that after training you won’t have to go to the clinic as often. There has been a push for more clinics to offer home dialysis options so there may be other clinics in your area that have recently started a home program that aren’t listed in this database.

Another resource to find a clinic is Medicare’s Dialysis Facility Compare database. This database incudes all the dialysis clinics that have Medicare certification. You can search by typing your city, state, or zip code clicking search and then choosing under “Modify your search” how far you’d be willing to travel and “home hemodialysis training” under Dialysis Facility Characteristics. Some clinics that have Medicare approval for home hemodialysis may not currently have any home HD patients.