Home PD training

How difficult is it to learn how to do home PD?

Most people are able to learn the steps to do PD in a week or less, although Medicare (if you have it) will cover up to 15 training sessions routinely. Here’s an article on PD that might help you know more about the treatment and what you learn during training. Peritoneal Dialysis - Home Dialysis Central

Home Dialysis Central has a Facebook group with several thousand patients some of whom are doing PD. It’s a closed (members-only) group that requires you answer a few questions to be admitted to the group. The group is moderated to assure accuracy of the information that people share. It’s also a group where people get and give support. Redirecting...

Does the length of time it takes to learn PD depend on the nurse? Trying to understand how complicated it is to administer.

The length of time to train a patient for PD depends on how fast the patient learns once s/he gets into training. Medicare covers up to 15 training days for PD and most patients learn the procedure much quicker than that. There may be a waiting list for training, which is dependent on staffing and patient interest in training for PD.