Home PD: What to expect

I am 81 years old male and plan to start home peritoneal dialysis in a month. What can I expect as far as my future health? Currently I feel very weak can barely walk need a walker or a cane. Will I feel more robust? Can I restore my health and energy? Please let me know what to expect. I would like to know your personal experience with home PD after several months or however long you have been on home PD . Thank You

I’m not a patient but am a social worker and have worked with dialysis and transplant patients for a long time. When your kidneys are failing the toxins in your blood can make you feel bad. Although some people feel better right away, it may take some time and help from your doctor. Be sure you report your symptoms to your kidney doctor. He/she will review your labs and determine if you need changes to your medications to correct any out-of-range labs. For example, people with failing kidneys often have anemia (low hemoglobin level). Anemia can make you have low energy and feel weak and tired. Kidney disease and anemia can affect your memory too. You’re currently using a walker or cane. If because you’re weak you’re afraid of falling, ask your doctor for a referral for physical therapy. A PT can work with you to help increase your strength and endurance.

I posted a link to your message on the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group. It has several thousand members who are on dialysis, are care partners of dialysis patients, or work with dialysis patients. You can find the Home Dialysis Central Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HomeDialysisCentral/

A patient in that group suggested that you post your question to the Peritoneal Dialysis Support Group on Facebook. You can find that site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/peritonealdialysissupportgroup/

Good luck!