How can I waterproof my catheter?

hey everyone I am new to this board and Ihave a question I am going on vacation next month and want to at least sit on the side of the pool. I am going to dress it with the waterproof dressings but just in case I was wondering about putting the new liquid bandaid around the exit site what do you think? why or why not?just trying to be extra cautious any other ideas?

Do you have a PD catheter or an HD catheter? If you have a PD catheter, you may want to repost your question to the PD patients’ board. I’ve heard of PD patients using ostomy bags to keep their catheters protected from water.

If you use an HD catheter, there’s a product called a Shower C.A.P. by a company called SDA products, out of Miami. They have a website: or you could call them at 305-949-9580.

its a hd catheter and that thing is HUGE! ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS

An ostomy bag–especially one of the larger ones would definitely work for an HD catheter. You’d just thread the catheter into the bag then place the seal around the opening of the catheter as an ostomy patient would fit it around their stoma. If you think about it, ostomy bags are waterproof, so it’s a simple, effective solution. . Many companies will even send you samples if you ask.


That is a great idea and better than any other suggestion I’ve heard of so far!! I’ll definitly look into that one