How Dialysis Patients Should Be Treated

Another of her favorite features is that the facility is generously staffed. “The lower staff-to-patient ratio lets me care for my patients in a less hurried, more personal way,” Lopez said. “Our patients receive much more individualized attention than what can feasibly be given when working with a higher volume of patients.”

All dialysis centers should “absolutely” revolve around the patients more, according to Kalina. “Patient care is about more than maintaining and improving health, it’s about renewing quality of life,” he said. “Every member of the dialysis team should view their mission as one of providing individualized care: listen, respond and empathize with each person’s specific needs. Each and every day at Dialyspa, we huddle to remind each other of our commitment to our patients and their families.”

Furthermore, amenities should not cost patients, Kalina believes, and that’s why Dialyspa doesn’t charge any additional costs to cover its patient perks. The team said that its electronic medical records system decreases overall costs, and that implementation of a document management system lowers audit costs for employee files, doctors’ credentialing and patients’ charts.