How Dialysis Works: Fluids and Wastes Part 2 -- Recording Available?

I have been unable to find a recording of John Agar’s second webinar – is there one available? I’ve tried several links posted in various places, but none have worked.


Try this Mel,
just tried it and it worked for me…

Thank you – it worked! (I had neglected to sign in when I tried it before)


Hi Dori & All,

Before I go exploring how - has anyone figured a way of downloading these webinars if allowed? Also I found this one to be out of synch when watched back. Probably questions for WIZ IQ


Hi Aidan,

We’re not aware of any way to download the archived files, unfortunately. As far as the sound synching, the sound always seems a bit off even during the session. I always figured that it was a function of distance between the speaker and moderator, but who knows? We do need to set up a talk with the WiZiQ folks to discuss some other technical issues.